A Painting of Buggles

So after a weekend away in Philadelphia, I returned with a huge desire to paint.  It appears that the last time I used my acrylics was several years ago since half of my colors were dried out, but I made due.  Painting is such a different medium than drawing -- it makes me a little frantic.  My level of patience for painting is maybe .01% of that of when I am drawing.  Crazy.  Anyway, here is the silliest painting of my cat, Buggles:


  1. So looks like Buggles! I feel the same my usual medium is fabrics and when I paint it certainly requires another attitude! but still enjoyable
    I love that your style is completely different when painting!
    :) Amy

  2. Absolutely -- it's so fun to change things up a bit to give you a different perspective. :). Painting is so contagious, now I want a whole painting studio!