Happy Easter!

With it being birthday month, Easter kinda crept up on me!  I made my boyfriend do an impromptu DIY Easter egg project this morning and thought I'd share in case you're down to the wire with decorating your eggs, too.

1.  I only had brown eggs to use (white eggs are preferable since they're very easy to dye, but you can still do a lot with brown eggs, so don't worry if that's all you have).  Make sure your egg has been cleaned.  Have one clean bowl on hand for the egg contents and a clean pushpin.

2.  Take a pushpin and poke a little hole at both ends of your egg.   (You'll have two holes in total -- at the long ends of your egg)

3.  This part may sound gross, but is painless, I assure you.  Choose one end of your egg and blow out the contents through the other end.

4.  Once your egg is hollow, rinse and dry off.  And voila, you have an empty eggshell to work with.  I chose to use Sharpie markers since they're pretty easy.  You could go nuts with glue and glitter, buttons, crayons, paint, etc., but I kept it simple since the bf was working with me today and has a short attention span for arts & crafts.

From left to right, Baby Buggles (the cat) and Fred the Egg.

Wishing you all a very lovely holiday!



  1. So cute. We figured out this weekend that it is easier to blow out the egg so the contents come out through the pointed end. Looks like it'll be quiche for the rest of the week :)

  2. Great tip! (hehe, pun intended) When I was little, I never knew how people got hollow eggs. I tried everything until one day it came to me to poke holes into it! I thought I was a genius. ha. It's actually so much fun to decorate eggs -- it's a wonder we only do it once a year! ;)