Five Things with Miniature Rhino!

So I'm a little behind the times when it comes to announcing some awesome news on the craft front.  So here it goes.  I'll be joining forces this year at the Renegade Craft Fair (Brooklyn) with the wonderfully talented Miniature Rhino, hoorah!  Yup, we'll be splitting a booth and I cannot wait to see what we come up with for display/theme.  Renegade is my favorite show, but it's also such a huge endeavor.  Two days back to back and setting up/breaking down each day can seriously wear you out.  So I look forward to our collaboration this year mucho mucho!  We're both actually featured on Renegade's site this year (I'm top left, she's bottom left), so check it out, yo, and save the date: Saturday & Sunday, June 11 & 12, 2011.  
Also, a few weeks back I interviewed Jessica on the {NewNew} blog in my classic Five Things manner, so I'm doing a little reposting here:
Miniature Custom Heart Sampler - Hand embroidery
It is a delightful honor to present today's Five Things with Jessica Marquez, the ever-so-talented gal behind Miniature Rhino.  Not only does Jessica have such an interesting Etsy shop full of curiosities and hand-embroidered goods, but she happens to be absolutely dyn-a-mite in person.  Yup yup, full on crafty girl crush.  
message in a bottle letter service

1.  Jessica, where did you come up with the name of your shop, Miniature Rhino?
Miniature Rhino comes from the imagination of my young cousin. Dr. Rhino was her imaginary friend and dentist(!). After a few real life cavities she broke it off and became besties with Dr. Penguin. The name "Dr. Rhino" stuck with me and I'd scribble it on notes and use it to sign my name on things I made. It turned into Miniature Rhino. The name for me is playful and speaks to the curious places our imaginations can take us.
Orion, hand embroidered constellation
2.  What are some of the top influences of your work?
Science and Art are huge influences on my work and just general interests. But this jumble of ideas rises to the surface too... Victorian aesthetics, mementos and remembrance pieces, miniatures, Joseph Cornell, vintage needle work, photography, especially vernacular, John Baldessari,  Ann Hamilton, book arts, Annie Dillard, collecting, cabinets of curiosity, food politics, and more more more...
Arrow Pin Set - colors you choose

3.  What's the cutest thing in the world and why?
Pretty much my parent's dog, Buddy Lee. He was not treated the best before he came to my parents, so it takes him time to trust people. But his love is true. He lives for you and wants nothing more than to be snuggled up by your side at all time. And just take a look at his face, come on.
Exhibit A: Buddy Lee on the right
4.  What do you love most about your job?
My job is so DIY. Blows me away when I think about it - I'm my own boss, I love it! I was recently featured in InStyle Magazine and this month, ReadyMade Magazine. Me! I get silly happy sometimes when I can step away from the stress and complications of running my own small business and see that I'm growing, learning and accomplishing a lot just by the work of my own two hands. Once I can get health insurance - this job will be perfect!

5.  What are your most favorite things about your current workspace and its functionality?
Ha! My workspace needs help. I'm trying my best to organize it and am constantly changing things around, but it's still a "before". I'm lucky enough to have a studio to work out of from my apartment. It has french doors to the living room so at night I can close up shop. It's my own mini craft store and Miniature Rhino headquarters.
You will also want to check out Jessica's blog and flickr for more deliciousness!

Hope we see you in June!  Stop by and say hello!


  1. Yay! Can't wait to see what your display looks like!

  2. :D I think it's gonna be way cute! are you doing cavalcade? hope to see you soon! xo

  3. what a great partnership you guys!! So excited. i know you will create something magical out of your collective imaginations :)

  4. And cannot wait to see you there!! :D

  5. Yes, I love the energy of Renegade & I can't wait to collaborate to make a fun, beautiful booth. I think you won last year for the best booth. Yay, thanks Virginia!!

  6. Awe, thanks! But there's always room for improvement :) yay, so excited!

  7. I'm so excited to meet you in June! Hooray!

    I didn't know you could share booths there, huh...maybe i MIGHT apply next year!

    Happy day,
    Jenipher :)

  8. Yay! And yes, you can share booths! Either way, you should definitely apply. It never hurts to try. :) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!