Snow, Museum, Dino Bones, and Taxidermy

My view right now.
New York City has had what seems like a record number of snowstorms this season!  Personally I love it.  For anyone having to trek in slush or shovel heaps, I do feel for you.  I've had my share of shoveling in the past and am even more grateful and happy to not have to do it right now.  hee hee.   It's much more enjoyable just watching it fall and working inside being surrounded by white.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting up with fellow illustrator, Michelle of My Zoetrope, at the Museum of Natural History to take in some inspiration and to cure a small case of cabin fever.  I've been working what seems like day and night this week --- and with weather like this, I haven't been too motivated to get out too often.

Highlights of our field trip:

Pretty cool, huh?  Taxidermy is such an incredible art form!
And of course, I love me some dinosaur bones.  I don't know why, but skeletons seriously fascinate me and I think they're uber cool.  Okay, it's back to work for me...

Wishing you a snazzy day!

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