Little Miss Sunshine.

Well I had a fun-filled weekend of scary movie marathons, eating tiny chocolates, dressing up, and briefly checking out the Halloween Parade in downtown Manhattan.  My sense was that most people started the festivities as early as Thursday night.  Heck, even last weekend we went all the the way to Philadelphia just to check out the "scariest haunted house in America" at the Eastern State Penitentiary...

Anyway, so, as promised, here's me as Olive from Little Miss Sunshine asking, "Do you like ice cream?".
I went all out -- bought a jersey from the children's section, cut the arms and seams off, and hand sewed yellow vintage trim all around:

Then I bought some denim shorts and snipped the bottoms off to get that fringe:
I also acquired a red head sweat band, red Converse high tops (which I am so excited to wear on a regular basis), some rainbow colored bracelets, and even a pair of granny glasses.  And now it's already November and Thanksgiving is around the corner, sheesh!

Well, hope you all had a splendid Halloween!


  1. oohhhh thats brilliant! and has made my day! well done fab costume..

    sounds like you've had fun, we had family over from the UK so no halloween but maybe we should do something next year!

    :) Amy

  2. Oh thank you so much :) It was definitely such a fun character to dress up as! :D:D:D

  3. What a great costume!! That's one of my fav movies.... sounds like you had a fantastic time!