Halloween, anyone?

So what will you be this Halloween?  Though I am not one to plan my costume months ahead of time, for some reason this year, I've been looking forward to dressing up since last Halloween!  Perhaps it's because last Halloween was pretty low key and my Nancy Drew costume was made in 15 minutes -- fully comprised of regular clothes from my wardrobe, and of course one large magnifying glass.  I don't even think anyone noticed I was dressed up even with my 40s cloak and hat on and other vintage touches that completed the look.

So... this year I definitely got things started a bit earlier and am so stoked to be none other than... Olive from Little Miss Sunshine!  Hopefully someone will take a photo of me and I will be sure to post the look I came up with ;)

Trick or Treat,


  1. oh I really hope to see a photo of you as Olive I loved that film! Great idea too!

    We don't really do hallowe'en here in Denmark so I'm not dressing up...also we live in te countryside and it's too far to walk to our neighbours to trick or treat...
    :) Amy

  2. Thanks! I hope the costume comes out well. All I need now are the plastic granny glasses and the red converse high tops and I'm all set!

    Hope you have a fab weekend!
    :D Virginia