And now for some... Buggles.

So some of you know that I used to post about my crazy cat, Mme Bugglesworth aka Buggles, almost everyday on another blog by the same name... well, I've decided to combine forces and start posting about this feline fur ball here instead. ;)  And so, here's some recent pics, and hopefully I'll be adding tons more silly images as I have them.  We love you, Buggles!
Buggles testing out our new sofa (with her new haircut)...
Buggles ready for a five-star dining experience...
Buggles catching up on some classics...
Buggles hanging out in the sink...


  1. Yup, she's a riot! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wow! This cat is a hoot! Does she know she's so funny?

  3. OK, so I have a cat exactly like this and we have to shave him too! I think he is just too lazy to groom himself...he pretends to groom, but doesn't really make tongue-to-fur contact! Hahah.