Five Things with Golly Bard!

Good morning, lovelies!

Today I have Holly Bimba of Golly Bard here today!  Wahoo!

1. What's the cutest thing in the world?
Our yellow Labrador, Lulu!
Feathery Plumes No. 8 original watercolor painting
2.  What's the yummiest thing?
I'm getting ready to plant my kitchen herbs and I can't wait to make fruit salad with basil and mint!

3.  What's a music album you think everyone should own?
The Hour of Bewilderbeast - Badly Drawn Boy
Willow Branches original watercolor painting
4. What's the most beautiful place place (real or fiction)?
Florence, Italy and the surrounding hill towns of Tuscany.
Nature and Artifice Knot Garden No. 1 original watercolor painting
5.  What would the ultimate art/studio space be like?
My dream studio is a restored barn.  A big open space with lots of windows and natural light!

Thank you so very much, Holly!  And make sure to check out her Etsy shop & blog!