Five Things with Inaluxe!

Good day to you!

Boy, am I excited to share this Five Things with you!  The ever-so-talented Kristina Sostarko of Inaluxe is here today for a smashing Five Things mini interview.

Sliced Au-Go-Go - au naturelle A4 Giclee Print
1. What's the cutest thing in the world?
I would have to say that the cutest thing in the world is our little chihuahua x Kibikibi.  She's three year's old, and a total goofball.  She's one of the biggest things that ever happened to us.  Here's a photo collage so you can see her! :)
2. What's the yummiest thing?
Peaches picked off the tree.
NEW Three feathered friends recycled paper postcard pack.
3. What's a music album you think everyone should own?
There are plenty, but I listen to a lot of jazz, so had to put Coltrane on this list, and of course, this Bobb Trimble album changed my life also:
Bobb Trimble - Harvest of Dreams
Jogn Coltrane - Love Supreme

4. What's the most beautiful place (real or fiction)?
I think our backyard is.  I love it.  Like an Alice in Wonderland adventure everyday, without the scary bits.
Fox Force Three 8 x 10 A4 Giclee
5. What would the ultimate art/studio space be like?
HUGE for a start, with an old brick fireplace, lots of glass walls, a view of the trees, masses of shelving and boxes on each shelf for all the things I collect, and can't seem to let go of.  Very long work bench, and let's not forget an old chaise lounge and music!

Thanks so much, Kristina!  And make sure to check out her Etsy Shop! ;)

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