Molte Coincidenze

Hi!  Ok, so I had a pretty snazzy weekend, and I hope all you did, too.  One of the coolest things to happen, though, I simply must share because crazy coincidences seriously fascinate me.
So, this weekend I was at Starting Artists in Brooklyn selling some of my illustrations in a collaborative event featuring the Brooklyn Indie Market and some peeps from my Etsy Street Team, the {NewNew}.
Near the end of the day, a very cute and friendly gal stops by my table, gave it a look-over, and immediately noticed my Mr. Humphry print (as you can see below),

and the conversation went something like this:
Her: Oh!  I know a Mr. Humphry!  I have to get this print for him.
Me: No way!  I made this person up, I've never even known a Mr. Humphry.  That's so cool.
The girl asks me how much it is and as she reaches for her bag, notices my name on my business cards.
Her: Wow, can I have a business card?  My name is Virginia, too, and your card has my name in such a pretty font.
Me: No way!  Your name is Virginia?!  I never meet other Virginia's.  Ever ever.
Her:  I know, I never meet them, either.  But both my grandmother's names were Virginia.
Me: What? My grandmother's name was Virginia!  But she went mostly by Ginny.  I always kept my name pure without any nicknames.
Her: My grandmother went by Ginger.  I also never liked nicknames or people trying to give me nicknames.  It's funny because I never used to like my name when I was little.
Me: I know!  I never liked it, either.  It was always so hard to pronounce with all its syllables, but I simply adore it now.
Her: Me too!

Ok, so that's the gist of it.  I was destined to make Mr. Humphry for a girl who actually knows a Mr. Humphry who has the same name as me, and both her grandmother's have the same name as my grandmother...  Just crazy is all.  I mean, really.  I've worked in so many places, attended so many schools, and still, have not met another Virginia in the flesh.  Ok, I did once, but she was a much much older lady.  This one was around my age.  So that's my little story.  I don't know what it means, but thank you for reading. ;)


  1. Thx for reading my little story! I thought it was funny, too :)

  2. Great story! The older I get the more I realize there's no such thing as a coincidence. It's all part of big magical plan and I'm sure your illustration of Mr. Humphry brought a smile to his face. =)

  3. I love your theory! :D thank you for reading!