Five Things with Up in the Air Somewhere!

Back at Renegade Brooklyn this year, I had the pleasure of being set up near Susan Dwyer of Up in the Air Somewhere, and well, she is just adorable and her work is stunning. So today, we have Susan here for Five Things!
Gold Point Vessel

1. What's the cutest thing in the world?

Sleeping animals of the fluffy variety.

2. The yummiest thing?

My boyfriend Ben's amazing pizza. I seriously can't bring myself to order pizza at restaurants anymore.

Small Yellow Paper Bowl

3. A music album you think everyone should own?

A mix cd of your favorite songs from high school and college for moments of nostalgia.

4. The most beautiful place (real or fiction)?

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. My dad is from there and it's just an amazingly beautiful city. I'll be there for two weeks in November and I can't wait!

Spoon and Well

5. What would the ultimate art/studio space be like?

I could go on and on with this question: Huge windows along one wall, hanging plants, tall ceilings, one really large work table and a floor to ceiling wall of shelves. Simple and spacious maybe with a really awesome mid century seating area for fancy tea with fancy collectors. Oh, and it would be just a few blocks from my apartment of course.

Thank you so much, Susan! (and I have one of her items hanging up in my living room that I just adore!)

You simply must check out Susan's shop!