Five Things with Elizabeth Bauman!

Good day to you! Today we have Elizabeth Bauman here for Five Things! I adore Elizabeth's style, and I know you will, too.

Eve by Art by Elizabeth Bauman.

1. What's the cutest thing in the world?

Watching my three year old daughter figure things out.

2. The yummiest thing?

My afternoon cup of coffee (especially if it follows something else yummy).

Not one hair out of place by Art by Elizabeth Bauman.

3. A music album you think everyone should own?

I have very eclectic music tastes (at the moment I mostly prefer listening to baroque classical, Charles Trenet, and Wherefore Art Thou Brother soundtrack) but if I had to pick one album that always made me feel better it would have to be ABBA Gold Greatest Hits. Who can't help but sing along to Dancing Queen?

4. The most beautiful place (real or fiction)?

I just can't seen to decide on one place as the most beautiful. Inside any room at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy, is definitely at the top of the list.

Three friends by Art by Elizabeth Bauman.

5. What would the ultimate art/studio space be like?

A big room with tons of storage, a big table, room for an easel, a cozy chair (in case I need a break), room on the walls for display, and lots of northern light. Really "a room" would feel like the ultimate studio space at the moment.

Thanks so much, Elizabeth! And make sure to check out her shop!


  1. Thank you so very much for having me here Virginia!

  2. My pleasure! I love your work! :D