Five Things with Erin Dollar!

Today we have Erin Dollar here for Five Things! You may have seen her awesome beards around town, and well, her artwork is amazing, too.
Keep the Roof On Lithograph
1. What's the cutest thing in the world?
Hands down: my cat, Frida. Especially when I find her cuddled up in all the weird nooks and crannies of my house. Also, it's been really hot lately, so every once and a while I catch her panting. It's sad, because it means she's probably miserable in the heat, but it's also adorable because it looks like she's laughing.
2. Yummiest thing?
any pastry from Crema, the coffee shop near my apartment. About a month after moving into this neighborhood, I realized I was either going to have to start running, or go to Crema less often. I hate running, so I've had to exercise some restraint instead.
Yarn Blob Papercut
3. Music album everyone should own?
XO, by Elliott Smith. This is such a stereotypical Portland choice, but this guy has gotten me through some rough patches. But there are lots of happy memories that I associate with this album, too. It reminds me of a summer when I was living with my best friend, and driving up the coast to see the tidepools or the lighthouse. Weird how a song or two can bring memories flooding back, huh?
4. Most beautiful place?
The Oregon Coast is a pretty serious contender, in my book, for most beautiful place on Earth. Especially during the colder months. That's when people will tell you not to go, but the fog, the rough beauty of a desolate coast never ceases to amaze me. A beach in Bonny Doon, CA is probably my second choice. I could sit there and watch the ocean forever.
White Blob Lithograph
5. Ultimate studio space?
I love thinking about my dream studio space. I think most artists would agree that something with a lot of space, and a lot of windows, is the ultimate luxury. There's nothing like having room to lay all your projects out at once. I had a professor once who would always call "horizontal surfaces" the most important thing a studio can have. Space to roll out ink, stack up your fresh paper, and make some work. Owning my own lithography press has been a dream of mine, but it's going to have to stay a dream for a while... probably best to keep the heavier machines out of my apartment altogether.
Thanks so much, Erin! And make sure to check out her beards here and art here. Have a lovely weekend, everybody!

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