Five Things with Argyle Whale!

Morning, all! I am so delighted to have Elise Towle Snow of the ever-so-cute Argyle Whale here for today's Five Things!

Dripping with Jewels Gocco print

1. So Elise, what's the cutest thing in the world?

As any good mother to domestic animals, I think my pets are absolutely the cutest things ever. I enjoy the company of two house rabbits and could watch them snuggle under the coffee table for hours. I also have a hedgehog whose precious nose, beady eyes and petal ears have won my adoration despite his grumpy demeanor.

2. The yummiest thing?

I am very happy now because it's the time of year where I can eat my fill of fresh local berries and my potted herb garden is finally harvest-able. Lately, my favorite treat is strawberries drizzled in my homemade mint-infused simple syrup. I even sneak spoonfuls of the syrup alone!

Bunnies are Boss Gocco print

3. A music album you think everyone should own?

Much to my music blogger husband's dismay, I don't listen to all that much music. Though I generally prefer talk radio, I will always love Neutral Milk Hotel's, "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea". I play it every time I take a trip and it is the most perfect travel music.

4. The most beautiful place (real or fiction)?

I actually envision one particular elaborate imaginary place whenever I need a mental break. My happy place is in a cave filled with stalactites and stalagmites that glow soft pink, blue and yellow. There is always the rhythm of water droplets falling into a pool and a twinkling xylophone. My fellow inhabitants are furry albino bats and maybe a mysterious large creature breathing further back in the cave. The cave changes a little every time I picture it.

Scarf Bunny Journal

5. What would the ultimate art/studio space be like?

I'd be ecstatic with any place that was flooded with sunlight and big enough for more than one desk. I want a chandelier too! I've always wanted a chandelier.

Thank you Elise (and I love your description of your imaginary place)! Your work is super cute and makes me smile. :)

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