Five Things with Amy Blackwell!

Five Things with Amy Blackwell!  I just love Amy's illustrations, and I am so happy she joined us here today!
The Girl and The Fox
1. So Amy, what is the cutest thing in the world?
Probably a very round, squidgeable, fluffy creature of some kind. A kiwi bird or a plump llama. I'm a big fan of the squirral. I'm jealous of them because they seem to be able to defy gravity or at least have a much more interesting relationship with it (whereas I'm just clumsy). I love foxes and badgers and other woodland animals but I'm not sure if I can call them cute. They're wild and have sharp teeth :)
2. The yummiest thing?
This week I'll have to go with English mustard or Peas. nom nom nom
3. A music album you think everyone should own?
I'm useless with albums. I've fallen out of the loop lately and I've got a terrible attention span but I can highly recommend a song instead and that would be Air War by Crystal Castles. I love this song at the minute because it's full of blips and beeps and makes me think of good stuff. It also puts a spring in my step as I walk to work. (another song with this effect is Salut! France by Errors) - woop!
Portrait of a Bear
4. The most beautiful place (real or fiction)?
Iceland. It's amazing. I went there about 2 years ago and it was 24 hour sunlight (very weird). There were places all along the south/south-east covered in beautiful blue lupins and it was just breathtaking. I want to go back... to be honest I didn't want to leave.
Sail Away With Me
5. What would the ultimate art/studio space be like:
Organized, functional, clean, spacious - All of those things, no exceptions. Oh and with a fully functioning all singing all dancing radio tuned to radio 4 just in time for the plays. I like to listen to a bit of drama when doodling.
Yay! Thank you so much, Amy!  
You can find more Illustrations By Amy Blackwell here.  And I just realized that so many of my favorite artists are from the UK! Crazy cool coincidence.  It must be the water over there. ;)  
Stay tuned for more Five Things!  And thanks for stopping on by!

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