The Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn, 2009

Dearest Renegade, 
How I love you.  You were so much fun this weekend and you attract the loveliest people from all around.
Renegade, thank you. 
For more Renegade pics check out this album!
And to EVERYONE who came out, stopped by, smiled, admired, asked questions, helped out and/or supported me and my work, THANK YOU!!!!!  I forgot how lovely people can be, and I definitely spoke to a few hundred of them this weekend!  Renegade was such a success in a million different ways.  I'm just so happy about it all.


  1. Oh! I'm so jealous now... this must have been so exciting!!! well done girl! :O)

  2. sounds like a great time! wish i could have been there! your booth looks amazing, i read the article over at heart handmade and was really inspired. :pam: